'Fat Princess' Draws Feminist Ire


Posted July 24, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

We love the ladies here at G4, and stand full-bore behind the womens-libbers when it comes to equal pay for equal work and other sensible, societal goals. We also love fat people, and rarely if ever wear t-shirts that read "No Fat Chicks!" because, really, who are we to talk?

But we're a little perplexed at the outrage from some feminist gamers over upcoming PSN title Fat Princess. See, the idea of the game is that you play against someone in a capture-the-flag scenario where the flag is a princess. But in order to make your captured princess harder to rescue, you have to feed her cake and get her fat. Cute? Silly? Sure. But infuriating? We don't see it. But we're not womyn, so maybe we don't get it.

Feminist Gamer writes:

Honestly, the “core game mechanics” are brilliant, and if I didn’t care one whit about the objectification of women or fat-bashing.

And Shakes posts:

The only thing I can't figure out is why anyone would want to rescue a fat princess in the first place, since everyone knows that fat girls are unlovable human garbage at whom any sensible bloke would sooner hurl invective than cast a longing glance

Woah, slow down there, sister! We think the game is cute, and we think the fattened princess pictured above is kinda sexy, in a roly-poly way. We don't think too many gamers are going to become more callous and misogynistic over such a silly game. But on the other hand, anything that alienates women from gamer-culture is double-bad--the world needs all the gamer chicks it can get.

We're sure you'll tell us how you think in or comments section. Extra credit if you're a girl or have seen one naked.

'Fat Princess' Draws Feminist Ire


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