Hands-On: 'Resistance 2' Multiplayer


Posted July 21, 2008 - By bleahy

We had a chance to play Resistance 2 multiplayer for about an hour at E3 2008 and it’s looking good. We believe we were playing against bots, but if they were human opponents, we wrecked them. This, unfortunately, does not speak highly for the game’s bot AI or Insomniac’s play testers.

On the plus side, the game is incredibly fun.  They’ve refined the core gameplay of Resistance multiplayer with weapon loadouts that create ‘soft’ classes. At the start of a round and between respawns you can select from different primary weapons and a single ‘power’ or ‘perk’.

The one we used most was a healing aura that healed us and our nearby allies for a short period of time. It took a few kills to get enough energy to use this power, much like a UAV or airstrike in Call of Duty 4. This was incredibly useful for taking control points because it would keep our squad alive while the enemy desperately tried to do more damage than we could heal.

The sniper ‘class’ got an awesome proximity mine that would stick to walls when thrown. It was extremely useful for retreating around a corner or through a door as the mines packed a serious punch. Enough for some double-kills, easily.

There didn’t seem to be a giant selection of weapons available, but the ones that were there all had alternate fire modes and felt good. The sniper-rifle felt a little underpowered especially because the move speed makes it hard to hit enemies. As you’d expect from Resistance, the weapons are all unique and have their own strengths and weaknesses.

This game is most similar to Call of Duty 4, in terms of multiplayer. There’s experience, ‘perks’, and hopefully unlocks. It takes a bit longer to kill someone because it’s a sci-fi game that doesn’t adhere to realism, but it plays well. You’ve also got a right-thumbstick-click melee attack, which should probably be standard on most games from now on.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to really sit down with the game for an extended period of time as there was so much to cover, but even at its current state, Resistance 2 multiplayer will be a huge, exclusive hit for the PS3. Hopefully we’ll see a beta later this summer as we can't wait to play more.

Feel free to ask any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Hands-On: 'Resistance 2' Multiplayer


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