Konami Press Conference Report


Posted July 16, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

We just returned from Konami's E3 08 press conference, and below you will find all the skinny from the makers of Metal Gear and other AAA games. Here's what went down:

Konami kicked their press conference off with vice president of Marketing Anthony Krause telling us what a great year Konami is having, then right into some news: The first Metal Gear Online expansion pack is coming July 17th. Krause also announced a couple of tournaments for Metal Gear Online: One at Comic-Con and one at the Tokyo Game Show. So sharpen your trigger finger.

In honor of Rock Revolution, Konami says they will be sponsoring Linkin Park's tour. Nice.

Koji Igarashi takes the stage. He created Castlevania, and decided to rock a cowboy hat for the press conference. He quickly gives a date for Castlevania Order of Ecclesia. It's a DS game that looks like a PSOne game. We mean that as a compliment.

Next up: A walkthrough of Castlevania Judgement for the Wii. "It's not a fighting game," Igarashi reminds us. "It is a a 3D versus action game." He then fires it up and it looks like Soul Calibur. We mean that as a compliment as well. The game has that Victorian/Japanese look that fans of the series will recognize and dig.

We see the combination gesture and button control scheme that will power the game. It looks good. You can use the enviroment to smash your enemy. Like throw candlesticks at them, or shove them into a handy zombie.

Next up: Silent Hill Homecoming trailer and demo. The next iteration of the awesome survival/horror series features an improved, more fluid combat system. The main character has combat training so it makes sense plotwise.  He's looking for his brother, a young boy, who's the key to the greater Silent Hill mystery. There's also no fixed camera, which is an amazing improvment over past games. Also: Dialogue trees.

We get a demo of a multi-stage boss battle, where the main character shoots many meat-sacks. That's what the game's producer calls them: Meat sacks.

Overall, the new Silent Hill looks pretty cool, but we're a little concerned that more combat and multi-stage boss battles really means Homecoming will be more like other action games and less like Silent Hill. Time will tell.

After Homecoming, the press conference takes a turn for the surreal. Konami's Lauren Faccidomo takes the stage to show off Rock Revolution, a rock and/or roll game that's coming soon. Joining Faccidomo: The Sheenas, L.A.'s premiere all-female Ramones tribute band. They play Blitzkrieg Bop, with Lauren on bass. She's rockin' out.

Then, to show off Rock Revolution, she and an unnamed fake drummer play the same song on fake insturments. Rock and Roll becomes suddenly incredibly nerdy. No diss on Rock Revolution, but comparing "real" fake rock to fake fake rock just makes the fake seem lamer. To top it off, they fail out.

Then, it's over. Until next year.

Konami Press Conference Report


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