Viacom NOT Interested in Your Data


Posted July 11, 2008 - By TylerColfax

Okay, so everyone was wrong. Viacom is, in fact, not interested in getting all of the user information for YouTube account holders who have watched any Viacom content. Although if you trudge through the documents, you'll find that the following statement issued by them today is incorrect:

"A recent discovery order by the Federal Court hearing the case of Viacom v. YouTube has triggered concern about what information will be disclosed by Google and YouTube and how it will be used. Viacom has not asked for and will not be obtaining any personally identifiable information of any YouTube user. The personally identifiable information that YouTube collects from its users will be stripped from the data before it is transferred to Viacom. Viacom will use the data exclusively for the purpose of proving our case against You Tube and Google.

Viacom has been in discussions with Google to develop a framework to share this data. We are committed to a process that will not only comply with the Court’s confidentiality order, but that will also meet our commitment to the strongest possible internet privacy protections.

It is unfortunate that we have been compelled to go to court to protect Viacom’s rights and the rights of the artists who work with and depend on us. YouTube and Google have put us in this position by continuing to defend their illegal and irresponsible conduct and by profiting from copyright infringement, when they could be implementing the safe and legal user generated content experience they promise."

Well, that's a perfectly well-put, thought out, and legally grounded argument, but it doesn't appear to be true. So, for the moment, Viacom is going to do nothing with all the user data they've got that they didn't / did ask for...

newteevee.com: Viacom Denies It Wants YouTube Data

Viacom NOT Interested in Your Data


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