When Nerds Cry: iPhone Launch Borked


Posted July 11, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Epic Fail: Apple.

Reports are flooding in on the internet that 3G iPhone activation is down, and that means no new iPhones for a bit, kids. The problems seems to be the iTunes activation servers--they do everything from starting up brand new iPhones to getting new firmware for iPod touches--are kaput. Down. Dead. Deceased. Gone, Daddy, gone.

So you can still walk into an Apple store and buy yourself an iPhone, but until those servers are brought back to life, it's basically a very expensive paperweight that can dial 911. Although we are getting some reports that activation is working, it's spotty at best.

Another bad, bad thing: Apparently, first-gen iPhone users are SOL too: If you managed to update the firmware on your old-school iPhone, you end up with a brick too. The older phones aren't functioning with the new software yet.

"Apple can go [CENSOR] themselves," said Attack of the Show's Kristen Rutherford, who's been using an first-gen iPhone since launch. "By the way, if anyone out there knows me and wants to get in touch with me today, you can't," she added.

Rutherford portraying the classic symptoms of Stockholm syndrome also said, "Tomorrow, I'll be like, 'I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Apple.'"

Even Apple's discussion thread on efforts to fix the problem  is borked at the moment. This is the kind of misstep Apple usually avoids, the kind of large-scale mistake we associate with Microsoft or something.

When Nerds Cry: iPhone Launch Borked


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