Headset Promises Mind-Control Games


Posted July 8, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Emotiv, a San Francisco-based collection of mad scientist and computer engineers, say they've developed a headset that allows you to play videogames with your mind.

The EPOC headset features 16 sensors that measure electrical activity in your brain using electroencephalography, while a built in gyroscopes keeps track of your head movements. The sensors read your moods and facial expressions, then, through voodoo or something, you control objects on your screen mentally. Presumably, your consicousness can then be stored on a disc and everlasting life is yours!

"There is a direct correlation between thought and what happens on screen," Emotiv co-founder Tan Le said. "It really fulfills this long fantasy people have had of moving objects just with thought."

We don't believe this will actually work as promised, but we've often been wrong before. In any case, we'll be able to see this winter when the device and the first game for it (a martial arts title) hits shelves. It'll run you 299 dollars.

AFP: Mind games: computer headset lets brain control action

Headset Promises Mind-Control Games


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