PEGI Backed By Sega, Nintendo, EA


Posted July 8, 2008 - By jmanalang

Nintendo, SEGA, EA and Ubisoft have chosen to support the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) rating system for the U.K. game market. 

'PEGI is the solution for today, and the solution for tomorrow,' ELSPA (the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) director general Paul Jackson said at the Westminster Media Forum in Whitehall in the presence of civil servants and the media. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), best known for their Manhunt 2 ban last year,  currently holds the majority of the video game content rating market. So what does PEGI offer better?

SEGA Europe CEO Mike Hayes compared PEGI's advantages against the BBFC as reported by Next Generation:

“If you look at the PEGI system against the film ratings board in the UK, you will see that PEGI is the only system that has the power to prevent games publishers distributing unsuitable content to children,” he said. “It can ban a publisher’s entire output, rather than just a single title. This power is backed by the entire industry.”

However, BBFC Director David Cook questioned PEGI's structure as he stated that he is not 'clear who PEGI is' and denied the company's increase on ratings cost. Hit the source link for more comments from Nintendo and Sega. How about that dice icon above? Rated 'Pimp'?

NextGeneration: Nintendo, EA, Ubisoft and Sega Back PEGI

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PEGI Backed By Sega, Nintendo, EA