EA DICE Rolling Updates For 'Bad Company'


Posted July 2, 2008 - By jmanalang

"We would like to let you know that we are reading and listening to all of your feedback," EA stated on their official site.

Following up on a recent issue that frustrated many Bad Company Xbox Live players, EA has assured us that they will be holding our hands while telling us, "There there, it's going to be ok...". After the team completes the Conquest mode pack, a free downloadable update, they plan on improving the game's online performance on both 360 and PS3. Here are some of the areas they are focusing (via Shacknews):

  • Clan support/private rooms/team chat
  • Auto balancing on servers
  • Continued support against stats exploits
  • VOIP issue on PS3 (working with Sony on this)
  • Squads might be split up when joining a server as a squad. This is due to team balancing in the games that are being joined, and usually resolves itself in round 2.

So for now fellow Bad Company players, let's just enjoy what we have now and hope for the best. What? You haven't even checked out Bad Company yet? Well what the $#*@! Check out this video then!

ShackNews: EA DICE Talks Battlefield: Bad Company Updates; Conquest Mode Next, Possible Patch After

EA DICE Rolling Updates For 'Bad Company'