RIAA Must Pay P2P Legal Fees


Posted June 26, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Remember Tanya Andersen, the gal who defeated the Recording Industry Association of America's file sharing lawsuit awhile back?

Well, U.S. District Judge James A. Redden of Oregon, just awarded her $108,000 in legal fees to compensate for defending herself against the those RIAA heavys. He ruled that the RIAA's arguments against legal fees were "misplaced." This follows suit with an August ruling, when a federal judge ordered the RIAA to pay $68,685 in litigation costs to two Oklahoma women whose case was dismissed.

Hmmmm…looks like the RIAA is learning the hard way that suing the pants off everyone they deems an evil file-sharer, regardless of any actual proof, may not always be the best move.

The RIAA dropped the case against Andersen last year after concluding “her hard drive didn't contain purloined music tracks. The RIAA initially claimed a Kazaa shared directory that linked to her internet-protocol address was unlawfully distributing thousands of songs.”

In response to the lawsuit against her, Andersen has countersued the RIAA in a case seeking class-action status to represent the thousands of persons she believes have been wrongly sued by the RIAA. That case has been dismissed three times, and its fourth try is pending.

Fingers crossed.

Wired.com: Judge Orders Legal Fees in RIAA v Andersen

RIAA Must Pay P2P Legal Fees


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