Sessler's Soapbox: Left 4 Awesome


Posted June 25, 2008 - By Yodapollo

Let's face it, as terrifying and horrific as it sounds, there's a part of you that has secretly wished to live out the events of Night of the Living Dead or maybe 28 Days Later. Well, Valve is trying to make those dreams a reality with their upcoming Co-op FPS, Left 4 Dead (360, PC).

Adam got his hands on the game last week and it made such an impression that the Sess feels like he needs to share his initial thoughts on the game with the masses in this week's edition of Sessler's Soapbox.

What have you heard of Left 4 Dead? Are you excited or could you care less? Check out the video and let us know what you think or share your thoughts on our forums.


Sessler's Soapbox: Left 4 Awesome »

On a side note, do you have a plan on how to survive the coming zombie apocalypse? Well, if you do, we'd like to hear about it. Leave a comment below the video or write in (webmaster@g4tv.com) and tell Adam about your theory that will keep you from joining the hordes of the undead.

Sessler's Soapbox: Left 4 Awesome