New Study: Gamers Spend $30,000 On Games


Posted June 25, 2008 - By Yodapollo

Today, GameStrata announced the results of a recent study which found that gamers on average would spend $30,500 between the ages of 18 and 48 on videogames. That works out to about $1000 a year.

The study goes on to find that the majority of gamers spend most of their gametime online with friends, showing that videogames have gone beyond being simple time suck. Barry Dorf, COO of GameStrata ( and not the legendary star of hit videos Dorf on Golf or Dorf Goes Fishing), pointed out that gaming is becoming an increasingly social medium, where companies really "need only adapt to the persistent and competitive elements of any genre to penetrate its user base." He went on the speculate that the future of gaming social networks, such as GameStrata, looked very bright.

Also, to put the numbers in perspective, here's a list of things you could get or achieve by not spending that money on videogames for variable amounts of time:

1 Year

  • Plane Ticket to Europe
  • Plasma TV
  • Trek Mountain Bike

5 Years

  • Your Hawaiin honeymoon
  • A Luxury Car from 1980's
  • The Grand Prize on the $5,000 Pyramid

10 Years

  • Motorcycle
  • One year of state college education
  • Have someone killed

30 Years

  • A Low End Mercedes Benz
  • Take a year off to write that "Choose Your Own Adventure" Novel you've always dreamed of
  • Buy a lifetime supply of videogames

Source: GameDaily.com

New Study: Gamers Spend $30,000 On Games


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