'Spore' Creature Contest Winners


Posted June 21, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Earlier this week, we asked to see your favorite Spore creatures made with the newly released Creature Creator, and boy did you guys deliver! We were besieged with emails containing youtube links, .jpgs and finely etched scrimshaw.

Here are the Spore creatures we liked best, chosen pretty much arbitrarily:

Viperman sent over a a creature called Hamlen. He is "Part of the BaConus-Flora family. Is quite good on sandwiches and YES, they can fly..."

Sam W. says he did his best to make an imitation of the backstabbing Scarmiglione/Milon from Final Fantasy IV/II. 

"Sure, everybody can make a chocobo or a Yoshi, but there aren't many Fiends from Final Fantasy out there.  As of the time I made it, I think mine might be the best... of course there's probably another half million creatures created by now."


 Joshua N. proved that you can never go wrong flattering the judges. Although it's two creatures instead of one, we can't help but give this G4 creation props.

Primitive Kevin is his name, and his resemblence to a certain host of Attack of the Show is impossible to deny. According to creator Connor R, he is "one of the dumbest and earliest forms of humans." Primitive Kevin is characterized by his "spitting nipples and pelvic thrust attacks. He is known to not have great dance skills."

We're including The Sessler so no one feels left out. It was created by CJ P. It might not look like Sess, but it captures a certain Sessler-essence..

Below is Marty. According to his creator Michael M., he "Lives his life by the phrase, 'Rape, pillage and plunder.'  While asleep, he punches himself in the face whilst listening to Slayer.  This builds up his emotional strength and also prepares him for how terrible the following day will be...also known to produce excrement twice his size."

Paul B. started his entry with the phrase: "I apologize. I won't do this again..." He went on to say that his creature, "while actually very intelligent, is unfortunately led around by its very prominent reproductive organ."

Hey, it just ain't Spore without dongs, right?

Thanks to everyone who entered. We'll be emailing the winners soon to get addresses to send random swag to y'all.

'Spore' Creature Contest Winners


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