Exclusive: Domo Interview


Posted June 18, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

When we heard long-time internet legend and superstar Domo has an official short-form series coming exclusively to web-entertainment channel VEOH, we were psyched. When his management team granted us an interview with the beloved icon and scourge of kittens everywhere, we just about Domo-ed all over ourselves. So here's the transcript, recorded at Domo's palatial estate.

Stephen Johnson: Hey, Domo, it's great to be here. Love your place.

Domo: Domo.

SJ: Wow! All the way from Italy? That's amazing. So how does it feel to have new episodes of your series showing up on the internet?

Domo: Domo domo. Domo!

SJ: You first started being noticed on the internet like ten years ago on Fark.com...What's the worst part about being famous on the internet?

Domo: Domo. (laughs)

SJ: Not to get too personal, but what do you have against kittens, anyway?

Domo: Domo. Domo! Domo! DOMO!

SJ: Whoah, there... sorry. I didn't realize it was such a sore spot with you. We'll move on to something else. Is it true you've been dating Charlize Theron?

Domo: Domo. Domo!

(At this point Domo's P.R. Rep reminds us of the terms of our interview.)

SJ: Alright, alright... I won't bring up Domo's personal life. Let's switch gears. You finish these sentences for me: Buckminister Fuller invented the Geodesic--

Domo: Domo!

SJ: What do you think of the Styx Song "Mr. Roboto?"

Domo: Domo!

SJ: The pope lives in a --

Domo: Domo!

SJ: The Astro's play in the Astro--

Domo: Domo! (graciously) Domo, Domo.

SJ: Oh, time to wrap it up already? Damn. We'll make sure and check out the brand new Domo episodes coming this Friday.

Exclusive: Domo Interview