Huge Updates Planned for 'Age of Conan'


Posted June 13, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

There's no denying that Age of Conan has been a successful MMO. With one of the biggest launches in PC gaming history, people are rushing towards Hyboria in droves; in some cases, entire guilds are leaving World of Warcraft for the new barbarian equivalent.

Well then it should come as no surprise that Funcom and Eidos have big plans for their new method of income, including multiple updates and tweaks to the game that will be released over the course of the rest of the year. You want more PvP? Bigger guild warfare by forming alliances and rivalries? A bounty system so you can take down those over zealous max level jerks? Yeah, that's in there, and lots more too. Check out the full list after the cut.

  • PvP Evolved - To The Death: This update  makes PvP more consequential and rewarding for everyone, working into the bounty system . Ten new levels of PvP will be added,  as well as new ranks, and PvP specific gear and weapons
  • Guild Alliance Warfare: Preproduciton has started on a system that would allow guilds to for alliances and pool their keeps/resources to take on the rest of the world in a truly epic scale. This free update will come later this year.
  • Powerpoints: This fall, powerpoints will be added, which reward ingame behavior. Collect points for various achievments, like owning a Battlekeep, playing the end-game at level 80, winning PvP matches, or being an active guild member.
  • New Areas and Duneons: Expect a new dungeon in Aquilonia, three reshaped dungeons in Stygia, and a new mountain range in Cimmeria
  • Improved player-made villages and Battlekeeps: Expect constant updates and evolution on this side of things, expanding the massive PvP elements with new choices, benefits, and even city-dwelling NPCs.
  • Social Updates: Funcom plans on making the game more social and fun. First up. combo-based dancing. Get your groove on.

Top that off with the usual quest updates, and your schedule is pretty heavy for the rest of the year. For more info about the Bounty System and the eventual ASnti-Greifing Prison System, check out The MMO Report: Age of Conan Special. They got an interview with Funcom developer Jason Stone back when the game launched, and he talked about some elements of the game that haven't been "officially" announced yet. Enjoy.

Huge Updates Planned for 'Age of Conan'


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