The MMO Report: Thursday, June 12th


Posted June 12, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

This week, we all welcome Casey back into the studio with open arms and open hearts. Just make sure you don't get too open with your feelings about him,  you'll see why in this week's episode.

The news this week includes the discovery of a level 70 Orc Hunter who's running for the Connecticut State Legislature, a psychologist who says that people would rather admit to having a pornography addiction than to playing World of Warcraft, and our newest segment, The ORLY Factor. Please don't tell a certain someone over at Fox News that we're spoofing his show, we might start getting court orders for royalties, which will subsequently lead to a civil suit for assault and battery. I don't care if he's 58 years old, that man need a very thorough beating.

Back to the point, we think you'll enjoy this week's show. But you should be enjoying every show, so don't blame us if you have no sense of humor. So put down the Metal Gear for 10 minutes, remind yourself that the storyline will never make sense, and prepare to fall in love all over again. This is...

The MMO Report.


The MMO Report: Thursday, June 12th »


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The MMO Report: Thursday, June 12th


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