Unique Sentence Calls for YouTube Apology


Posted June 9, 2008 - By TylerColfax

Alright, you understand how the internet works, right? Anyone in the world can access any video you post on MySpace on YouTube. This includes ANYONE IN THE WORLD!

So, knowing that, why would you ever post a video of yourself breaking the law? Yet it's happened multiple times recently and the most recent has earned a couple teenagers a unique sentence. Responsible for the recent FITH (Fire in the Hole) prank trend due to a video they uploaded, these two friends, aged 15 and 16 are to write, film, and post a video apology to YouTube. See it beyond the cut.

The video is up and I must say it's kind of a disappointment. Not the duo's best work. It's preachy, the lighting is off for most of the piece, and the sound mixing, which is usually spot-on, leaves a lot to be desired. Let's hope they can produce a come-back piece soon, or they might find themselves following the Wachowski Bros. path from which no filmmaker can recover, and one becomes a woman.

See it: FITH Court Sentence

Unique Sentence Calls for YouTube Apology


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