'Metal Gear': A Fireside Chat - Part 3


Posted June 7, 2008 - By Brian Leahy

Here we are. The final Metal Gear feature before Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots finally releases on June 12th.

There will most likely be another spoiler-filled feature after I complete the game and have time to digest everything. It’ll be a nice way for us to discuss the game without having to worry about spoilers. If we see spoilers posted in this story, we will ban you with a vengeance. Please respect your fellow readers.

So now, here are some unanswered questions about Metal Gear as we go into Guns of the Patriots.

Loose Ends and Questions

There are a lot of things in the Metal Gear universe that still need to be explained or revealed. Supposedly, MGS4 will wrap-up the story pretty concisely so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Here now are some of the bigger unanswered questions from the previous games as well as questions raised by the trailers for MGS4. All probabilities are made up and not statistically based on anything except my own thoughts on the series.

Who Are The Patriots?

At the end of Metal Gear Solid 2 we learn that the Patriots have been dead for a very long time, but seem to live on. How is this possible? Given the theme of MGS2, I’m assuming that the Patriots have become digitized in some way or are AI’s based off of the original members.

Probability of Being Answered: 100% -- Has to be answered. If the game ends without finding out who or what the Patriots are, we’ve got a big problem on our hands.

What Caused Snake’s Rapid Aging?

What happened to Snake to make him so old after only 5 years since Metal Gear Solid 2? The two going theories are that FOXDIE caused his rapid aging or Big Boss’s old age at the time of cloning was the reason.

Probability of Being Answered: 95% -- This is something we’ll probably learn, but I’m leaving a 5% chance of it being one of those things we’re just meant to accept and never learn the reason.

How Did Liquid Take Control of Ocelot?

We all know that Liquid Snake has taken over the body of Revolver Ocelot, but how? It’s assumed that Ocelot’s latent psychic ability from being the son of The Sorrow (and The Boss) has something to do with the takeover. Kojima hasn’t explicitly explained how this has happened, though.

Probability of Being Answered: 90% -- It’s unlikely that Kojima would introduce The Sorrow and his abilities without using it to explain Liquid’s refusal to just go away. However, there’s probably a 10% chance this might go unsaid and be left up to the player to piece together.

What Happened to Raiden?

How does Raiden go from fake FOXHOUND recruit to cybernetic ninja of death? From the trailers, he looks to be almost entirely cybernetic. Is this because his nanomachines turned on him? Did the Patriots do this to him? Is he still working for the Patriots? Raiden is a big question mark going into MGS4. Will we find out how this happened to him?

Probability of Being Answered: 100% -- I’m pretty sure this will be discussed in MGS4. No worries of a continuing mystery here.

How is Vamp Still Alive and Kicking?

What is Vamp (besides bisexual)? How did he survive his watery tomb in MGS2 that was explained to impossible to survive? Well, he did. How? There’s definitely some freaky stuff going on with Vamp.

Probability of Being Answered: 80% -- As much as it appears like we’ll get clear answers about Vamp, it could be something that goes unanswered.

What did Eva do after Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater?

Eva tried to steal the Philosopher’s Legacy for the Chinese, but Big Boss ended up with the goods. What has she been up to since MGS3? She could be the surrogate mother of Big Boss’s clones. This is backed up by her wanting to go by “Big Mama” in the MGS4 trailer.

Probability of Being Answered: 100% -- Has to be revealed. Just has to.

Why is Olga’s daughter important?

Olga’s daughter was kidnapped by the Patriots in MGS2 and tied to Raiden’s bio-signals. If he had died during MGS2, she would have been killed. Why is she so important to the Patriots? How did she help Otacon develop the Octo-camo system at such a young age? Who’s the father?

Probability of Being Answered: 100% -- Kojima made a big deal of Olga and her child in MGS2. I suspect she could still be tied to Raiden in some way, but she’s definitely got a child-genius thing going for her. He’s going to have to explain that.


Let’s guess some crazy things that Kojima could throw at us in MGS4. At the end of the day, none of these are that far-fetched in the Metal Gear universe.

  • Big Boss is still alive!
  • Big Boss is still alive and is a Cybernetic Ninja!
  • Liquid Ocelot snorts Big Boss’s ashes and becomes Big Liquid Ocelot Boss.
  • Psycho Mantis/Vulcan Raven/Sniper Wolf/etc. aren’t actually dead!
  • Solidus is still alive.
  • A fourth clone of Big Boss is revealed.
  • Big Boss has a biological child with Eva.
  • A new cybernetic ninja (not Raiden).

What are you looking forward to the most? What do you want answered? What do you think will happen?

Let us know in the comments section and remember: spoilers will be punished.

'Metal Gear': A Fireside Chat - Part 3


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