The Sims To Go Online...Again


Posted June 5, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Blow the dust off your Simish to English dictionary, The Sims might be going online for a second time. In a recent interview with The Times UK Nancy Smith, the head of EA's Sims division, admitted they would considering bringing the popular game series into the virtual world metaverse.

What's interesting is that neither Nancy Smith nor the person interviewing her mentions the fact that The Sims Online already existed. And was shut down. Multiple times. Then again, who could blame them when online persistent worlds like Second Life continue to grow and expand? The Sims always seemed like the perfect match for a community-based virtual world, so with a new design and better user generated content, it could certainly be a tough competator for Linden Labs' den of iniquity. Plus, being able to furnish your virtual house with furniture from Ikea and dress your character in clothes from H&M, EA could easily support the service with microtransactions. The product integration possibilities are endless!

Times Online: The Sims Prepare For A Sociable Future

The Sims To Go Online...Again