G4 Rewind Anime Style: 'Fushigi Yuugi'


Posted June 8, 2008 - By Courtney Kraft

You guys thought Fullmetal Alchemist was old? Ha! Youngins.

In celebration of G4 Rewind, we’ll be highlighting some classic anime and manga all month long. This stuff is not to be missed....


Hey kids! Do you have a spare $200 just lying around? You do? Then you need to go out and get Fushigi Yuugi by Yuu Watase! Oh you don’t? Well how about $150? Cause you really can stop after volume 13 and be content. There’s a reason why Fushigi Yuugi is considered a classic. It’s damn good.

Once upon a time, Miyaka Yuki and her best friend Yui Hongo wandered into the restricted section of their local library and came across a book known as the “The Universe of the Four Gods.” The two girls get sucked into the book and Miaka ends up living out the tale as the Priestess of Suzaku. Right about now, you’re probably thinking that the two girls share the most incredible adventure of excitement and romance, right?


Miaka and Yui get separated and end up as rivals in a race to gather seven celestial warriors each and summon one of the four gods to save the countries they respectively ended up in. Yui holds a lot of bitterness while Miaka struggles to rebuild their friendship. Watase weaves a tale of love and deception with beautiful artwork, fascinating characters, and many shocking twists.

Our only gripe is the number of gratuitous deaths, hence the use of the adjective “gratuitous.” The first death was great. It had a purpose. And then characters suddenly start dropping like flies. Okay, we get it, there’s a war going on, but come on! Some of them don’t even get the great death scenes like they deserve such as–

Oh come on...we’re not going to spoil it.

You better not either Mr. I’m-Writing-Comments-With-Spoilers-Right-Now-Cause-I’m-A-Jackass.

Fushigi Yuugi also comes in anime form with a couple OVA follow up stories. These were being re-released by Geneon but...well you can guess where that’s (not) going. You may have difficulty finding DVDs, but it's worth it if you can. Overall, the plot and characters are accurate, just more fleshed out. The drama is still very gripping and will leave you itching to play the next episode. Some people find Miaka’s voice actress to be a bit annoying. We didn’t mind her; but if she bugs you, just read the manga.

Lately, Viz has been putting out Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden which is a prequel to the original series that tells the tale of Takiko, the priestess of Genbu. The art style is a little different, and it’s the same concept told in a slightly different manner. But so what? Why mess with a good thing?  If you’ve experienced the original Fushigi Yuugi and loved it, then will definately enjoy Genbu Kaiden.

Wait...Genbu, Suzaku, and Seiryu...but what about Byakko? Both series touch on Byakko's preistess Suzuno, but we have yet to really hear her full story.  Let's hope that Watase will grant us the pleasure of a "Byakko Kaiden" as well.

-- Courtney Kraft



Fushigi Yugi © Yuu WATASE/Shogakukan Inc.



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G4 Rewind Anime Style: 'Fushigi Yuugi'


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