Sony Announces In-Game Ad Deal


Posted June 4, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Here come the ads, folks: Sony announced today the introduction of dynamic in-game advertising on the PlayStation 3. The ads will come via a partnership with IGA Worldwide.

"The PS3 platform is primed to leverage the high growth potential of the in-game advertising market," said Phil Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, SCEA. "Ads that are organic to the environment not only benefit developers and advertisers, but also create a richer experience for gamers."

Hmmm...interesting point. On the one hand, we see how ads in a game striving for "realism" (maybe a sports sim or racing game) benefit from in-game ads, and we see how ads would totally ruin a game set in a fantasy world, but what about games that live between the two? Like, Grand Theft Auto: That game strives toward a kind of realism in some aspects of the game (graphics, physics) but veers into fantasy with others (Plot, etc.).

So we gotta ask: If it was a Sprite billboard instead of a Sprunk billboard, would it make a difference? What about the radio stations? Does hearing "Back in the New York Groove" in the middle of a fake New York take you out of the fantasy of the game?

Sony Announces In-Game Ad Deal


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