Media Threatens RedLasso

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Posted May 22, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Video hosting service RedLasso has long been political bloggers' friend; the company records live TV and allows users to search for clips, grab them and embed them on their own sites. So when Bill O'Reilly says something particularly awesome, the Huffington Post can be like, "But... we disagree!"

Anyway, free-ride is over. Fox, CBS and NBC  have sent Red Lasso a cease-and-desist letter, and are giving them until May 29 to stop or get taken to court. NBC would rather the internet use Hulu, their own video site.

Redlasso hasn't taken down their content. They are looking into the matter and reviewing their options. Until then, check out their site and embed away!

Reuters: NBC, CBS, Fox say Redlasso breaking copyright laws

Media Threatens RedLasso