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Posted May 23, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Moviewise, Summer 2008 has already begun, with successes (Iron Man, Prince Caspian), and at least one notable and complete failure (Speed Racer) The non-stop assault of blockbuster movies will be a weekly occurrence until September. If you weren't aware of the big-time movies coming your way, TheFeed has decided to give you a Summer Movie Preview...to go along with tonight's Summer Movie Preview on Attack of the Show, airing at 7 & 10PM.

We want to give you a taste of the films that will be coming your way, and our opinion on what you can expect with each one.  So, let's dim the house lights and grab some popcorn...it's TheFeed's Summer Movie Preview!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Indiana Jones is already cracking hi whip at the box office, and is surely going to destroy the competition for the all-important Memorial Day three-day weekend. The film did well at its Cannes premiere, and we know Harrison Ford will be joined by old friends (Karen Allen) and new (Shia LaBoeuf) in his attempt to recover a skull that is thought to have alien power. Will it be a return to form, or make you wish it had never happened? Check it out and see. - May 22nd

You can see Blair Butler's interview with Harrison Ford and George Lucas from that same Cannes premiere here.

Indiana Jones 4 At Cannes »


Sex and the City - This one's for the ladies. No, seriously, for the ladies. Based on the television series that ended in 2004, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is back, and has brought her friends along for the ride. You will most likely be bored by these middle-aged women talking about the sex they used to have before traction, but you can bet your girlfriend will appreciate it if you take her to see this. So, rent a DVD for reference, or just bring your iPod and zone out. - May 30th.

The Foot Fist Way - This is a very strange movie about a guy who opens a Tae Kwon Do studio in a mall to con people out of money. It's been finished for three years, and people have been watching it on the sly since then, but now Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (Anchorman) have decided to pick it up and bring it to you. Will it be any good? Who can tell? But they seem to like it just fine. Plus, if you really hate Sex and the City you can use this to extract revenge on your loved one. - May 30th.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan - Adam Sandler: Israeli hitman, New York City hairdresser. Sounds more like a couple of things you'd pick out of a hat than a premise, doesn't it? Sandler plays the Israeli hitman who wants to retire to New York City to become a world-class hairstylist. If you're into Adam Sandler, or 11, you might like it. - June 6th.

The Incredible Hulk - Now that Iron Man has thrown down the gauntlet on superhero movies, The Incredible Hulk is on blast. In other words, it better be good, especially now that there's that whole Avengers Initiative to think about, of which Dr. Bruce Banner and his, um, hulkier side is a part. Luckily, this has a chance to be a whole lot better than Ang Lee's borefest. Edward Norton is an impressive actor, and they seem intent on making this a decent movie. The trailers and reactions have been mixed, but people will go. Hopefully, it'll be worth it, and Marvel will be 2-for-2 on the summer. - June 12th.

The Love Guru - Remember when Mike Myers was the funniest guy on Earth? Well, that was a long time ago, and he's going to have to do a lot to prove himself worthy in the world that Austin Powers forgot, like, two movies ago. In this one, he plays a Love Guru (hence the title) who has to get a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player (Romany Malco from The 40 Year-Old Virgin) back together with his wife. Also, Justin Timberlake and Mini Me are in it. Uh...sounds...um...good? - June 20th.

Get Smart - Remember when Steve Carell was the funniest guy on Earth? Oh, wait. That's still happening. Hopefully, this remake of the television series starring Don Adams won't do anything to change that. Carell plays Maxwell Smart, the most inept special agent ever, who goes out into the field and tries to change that. Oh, and Anne Hathaway is in it, and she's one of the hottest women on Earth, and so is The Rock...in it, that is, not one of the hottest women on Earth. It actually looks pretty funny. - June 20th.

WALL-E - It's a Pixar movie. It's about a robot. And, no matter how little you want to see it now, you know that, by the end of the summer, you're going to be telling everyone you know that it's way better than you thought it would be. Because that's how Pixar movies work...except for Cars. - June 27th.

Hancock - In the summer of the superhero movie, this would be the "indie" entry, featuring Will Smith as Hancock, a guy who has superpowers, but a bad attitude, and Jason Bateman as his PR guy, who wants to get Hancock into the good graces of the public-at-large. The first trailer didn't look all that promising, but it's been warming up a little heading into the home stretch, and Will Smith has, on occasion, made some really fun summer films, so it might be worth a look. - July 2nd.

Hellboy II - And the superhero films continue with this follow-up to the mildly popular Guillermo Del Toro film about the demon who was created by the Nazis and is now committed to defending against the power of darkness. Ron Perlman and Selma Blair return to the franchise, which has a more assured Del Toro at the helm, just in time for him to disappear to New Zealand to make those Hobbit movies. - July 11th.

Meet Dave - Eddie Murphy stars as a human-shaped spaceship hosting a bunch of aliens who falls in love with...oh, who cares? Sure, Murphy was good in Dreamgirls, but, really, does anyone take him seriously anymore? Especially after Norbit? Come on. - July 11th.

The Dark Knight - One of the more anticipated films of recent memory, The Dark Knight picks up where Christopher Nolan's fantastic Batman Begins left off, but this time throws in the fantasy spectre of The Joker, played by the real life spectre of the late Heath Ledger. Harvey Dent makes an appearance here, bringing the geek quotient up to unheard-of levels. The marketing campaign is spot-on brilliant, and you have a film that really can not miss...unless it sucks. - July 18th.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe - Can an X-Files movie possibly be relevant in 2008? We're not sure, but we also don't care. If there's a chance to watch Mulder and Scully together for one more adventure, we're on board. This film is supposed to be more of a stand-alone story than the conspiracy-based X-Files: Fight the Future film was, way back in 2001. They've done a really good job of hiding the plot and any spoilers from the public, so we're going to have to go on instinct. - July 25th.

Pineapple Express: Seth Rogen in an action movie? You betcha. And James Franco, relieved of his Hobgoblin duties from the sadly disappointing Spiderman 3 is here, too, playing a drug dealer who gets tangled up with Rogen in the plot. The film was written by Rogen and his friend Evan Goldberg, who were responsible for last summer's awesome Superbad, so this stands a chance to be good.- August 8th.

Tropic Thunder: Jack Black died blonde? Check. Ben Stiller playing a clueless, egotistical actor? Check. Tom Cruise cameo? Check. Robert Downey, Jr. in blackface? Check. Yeah, it's all there. The story of a film crew shooting a war drama forced to become the real thing looks like it will be either totally awesome, or a total disaster. Either way, it should be a whole lot of fun to watch. - August 15th.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - You didn't even know it was coming, did you? Well, not until recently, anyway. This all-animated film features a ton of your favorite Star Wars characters, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, C3PO, Anakin Skywalker, in the story of the battles surrounding the Clone Wars. Advance word is that this is the film that should have served as the prequel to Star Wars. And that's a good thing. - August 15th.

Hamlet 2 - This Sundance hit might be the sleeper of the summer, starring Steve Coogan (24 Hour Party People) as a high school drama teacher who fights cutbacks in his department by writing and staging a sequel to Hamlet...featuring Jesus. The trailers are absolutely hilarious. - August 22nd.

And that brings us right up to Labor Day, when it will be time to start discussing the Fall Oscar Movie season, but we don't need to do that right now, since there are more than enough big-time summer blockbusters to gorge ourselves on between now and then. Give us your opinion on these or other movies you think we might have forgotten.

Also, be sure and check out Attack of the Show's Summer Movie Preview tonight at 7 and 10PM for more information on some of the movies contained here, as well as some expert analysis and the sort of irreverent look at film the show is noted for.

You'll thank us later.


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TheFeed's Summer Movie Preview


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