Ice-T Says GTA So Wrong It’s Right


Posted May 19, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Actor/rapper/Freestyle 101 vet Ice-T recently said in an interview that he loves videogames, specifically Grand Theft Auto. He describes San Andreas, which he once lent his voice to, as "f***ing mayhem."

“I was in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” the cold one said. “I played a cracked-out rap star who had his lyrics stolen and the person that stole them became a star. So I went on crack and by the end of the game I get my reputation and my mansion back. You start off as a kid in South Central LA, you build up your rep and then you get a gang. It's definitely some crazy shit.”

So what’s the Ice opinion on Vice City?

“The Vice City games are the worst shit ever — in a good way,” he continues. “It's so intentionally wrong that you've got to get into it. You go, ‘Oh my God, if I'm out of money I just rob a liquor store.’ Inside this world, all the things that you think about, you can do. Does that make you want to do it in real life? No. To me it diffuses it. People say videogames make kids violent. I don't think so. It can be an outlet for that aggression. It's a masculine thing. Human beings have some weird blood-lust, it roots back to us being animals. It's ill, though.”

Damn straight!

(Watch Ice-T's Freestyle 101 below)

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Ice-T Says GTA So Wrong It’s Right