Playboy Model Also Gamer


Posted May 14, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Okay, we admit it, we're only publishing this particular story because we want to have a picture of a hot chick instead of a screenshot from some shooter or another. Variety is the spice of life, you know? Jo Garcia isn't just any piece of eye candy though; she's Playboy's cyber girl of the year and she's also a gamer.

Garcia told Kotaku she "plays PC games and console titles," and owns both a Nintendo DS and a PSP.

"It's something that I carry with me everywhere, like some people carry their iPods. It's the norm to me. I've had people send me messages like, 'oh you play video games?' And I'm like, 'why are you so surprised?"

"If I could get a job... being a game tester, I would do that all day long."

That's a coincidence, because I know plenty of game testers who would love to sit around on a beach posing for pictures. Maybe we could switch?

Kotaku: Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year Is A True Player


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Playboy Model Also Gamer


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