EA Mythic: 'WoW' Makes Other MMOs Successful


Posted May 14, 2008 - By bleahy

It's generally accepted that World of Warcraft is an unstoppable MMO juggernaut with its 10 millions subscribers and no signs of slowing down.

It isn't generally accepted, however, that WoW's success actually helps other MMO games.

This is what EA Mythic senior designer Josh Drescher thinks.

Josh claims:

"If you actually look at the MMO-sphere right now, that is since WoW launched, the vast percentage of MMOs that launched after it have been successful," Drescher explained. "Obviously no one has eclipsed the 10 million subscriber number, but there have been numerous titles that have come out on different platforms and multiple genres all over the world that have been far more successful than MMOs had been previously."

That actually makes a lot of sense. Lord of the Rings Online has been pretty successful and EVE keeps growing. Let's just ignore Vanguard, though.

Take this all with a [Grain of Salt] as EA Mythic is working on Warhammer Online and probably biased.

Kotaku: World Of Warcraft Makes MMO Making Easier

EA Mythic: 'WoW' Makes Other MMOs Successful


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