Microsoft: 360 Has 7-Year Life-Cycle


Posted May 14, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

We know we run the risk of starting the morning off with an all console-tastic flame war, so keep your passions in check on this one, but Microsoft's Shane Kim says the 360 will have a seven-year life-cycle.

“We said from the beginning that we expect the Xbox 360 to have a long tail,” said Kim. “Clearly we didn't do that with the original Xbox, which was a strategic decision we made. Admittedly, we don't have any experience doing this, but we're pretty confident 360 will have a long tail.”

“As far as technical limitations? We're not seeing those. I think there's the potential for more multi-disc titles, we've already shipped a few of those already. But I don't this is so drastic that people will start saying that Microsoft made a mistake not using Blu-ray,” he added.

So what do you think, readers...is the 360 limited technically? Will it last the full seven years? Did Microsoft make a mistake by not including Blu-Ray?

Gamasutra: Microsoft's Kim Predicts 7+ Year Lifespan For Xbox 360

Microsoft: 360 Has 7-Year Life-Cycle


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