NVIDIA Hates PC Pirates


Posted May 7, 2008 - By bleahy

PC game piracy is a big deal. Bigger than console piracy because there is no modification of hardware required. NVIDIA isn't taking too kindly to the practice and foresees even more copy protection for the future.

We've already seen BioWare's plan for protection on Mass Effect, but Taylor believes we're heading for "more digital authentication, and we're going to see more of an approach that says that PC games aren't products - they're a service."

This didn't quite work for Hellgate: London, which offered a monthly-fee supported set of extra features for paying customers. It didn't help that the game wasn't that good, but PC gamers just aren't used to paying for things that aren't MMOs.

Taylor doesn't believe pirating games is something anyone can justify.

"One of the things that I find frustrating is that PC gamers tend to be very passionate, and they love the people that make great PC games. If you ask any PC gamer what they think of John Carmack, they'll say he's a hero. What do they think of Tim Sweeney? He's a hero. Ken Levine is a hero. And yet many of them, sadly, will go and steal from them. I just don't get that, I really don't."

It's a real problem, but some inside the industry believe that more copy protection is not the answer. One of the developers of Sins of a Solar Empire (X-Play Review), an indie space RTS that managed to top the PC sales charts for a few weeks after release, posted about their complete lack of copy-protection and success in sales.

It's a great article about PC piracy and you should read his thoughts on the subject.

At the end of the day, copy protection is DRM and we can see how well that is working for the music industry. We urge you not to steal PC games and give developers your hard-earned money for games that you enjoy.

Eurogamer: NVIDIA bombards PC game pirates

NVIDIA Hates PC Pirates


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