Warner Demands Music, Brothers!


Posted May 6, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

Warner Music Group is planning on running a test starting this month that will change the price of certain songs on a number of unspecified online music stores to reflect demand.

Warner is teaming up with Digonex for the project, who "gather sales data in real-time, analyzes purchasing behavior, and sets new prices that hit the 'sweet spot' where consumer demand and market potential meet."

Most labels use the Steve Jobs' 99 cent pricing structure, but some labels would rather price songs on a sliding scale depending on popularity and other factors. 

I say, given the nature of the pop charts these days, that means the more popular songs (i.e. – crappier ones) will be more expensive. So if you like good music, you should be getting your digi fix for dirt cheap!

But Billboard says that popular music could sometimes end up costing less: "In some cases, the company recommends lowering the price on a hot-selling album in order to spike even more sales and increase overall volume."

But I bet they will be wrong…

Wird.com: Warner Music to play with price of music

Warner Demands Music, Brothers!


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