Xbox Murders: The Saga Continues…


Posted May 6, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

The lawyer for a Florida man accused of helping kill six people with baseball bats over an Xbox video game system is saying his client should have been tried separately from the other men found guilty of the crime.

(Like that woulda made a difference…)

Yes, this was one of several arguments made to the Supreme Court on behalf of Jerone Hunter, 21,one of the two men sentenced to death for the 2004 massacre at a Deltona home. The third man received a life sentence without parole.

Hunter’s lawyer, Ryan Truskoski, also said his clent should be spared from execution because he acted under domination of a ringleader, had no prior criminal record and suffers from schizophrenia.

"He emotionally is a child," Truskoski said. "He definitely heard voices."

Cops say the ringleader Troy Victorino (also sentenced to death), 31, was pissed because a 22-year-old victim Erin Belanger took his Xbox and clothes from her grandparents' vacant home, where he had been squatting.

Boston.com: Supreme Court hears death sentence appeal in Xbox slayings

Xbox Murders: The Saga Continues…