Capcom Expands 'Rocketmen'


Posted May 5, 2008 - By bleahy

The downloadable game Rocketmen: Axis of Evil is getting an expansion pack called, It Came From Uranus. LOL.

The pack will feature... pffft, hold on. I'm still holding my sides from that hilarious title. I don't even know if I can finish this article because I'm laughing so hard at the genius behind using the word Uranus in place of "your anus". It don't get no better than this, folks.

Whew, anyway, the expansion pack will be available on May 14 (Xbox 360) and May 15 (PlayStation 3). It will cost 400 MS Points or $4.95.

Hit the jump for the feature list.

3 New Weapons

  • Blobber: Shoots blobs of goo at enemies, does damage over time in the part of the ground that it covers.
  • Beamer: Shoots lighting at enemies, does high intensity damage.
  • Bomber: Shoots grenades instead of bullets; grenades explode on impact doing damage.


2 New Secondary Weapons

  • Falcon: Robotic falcon that attacks enemies automatically will disappear over time.
  • Screw bomb: Rocket that turns into a proximity mine on impact


3 New Levels

  • Level 11 - Finding Jane: The player must escape the Saturnian prison mine and reclaim Nick’s ship, the Icarus Jane.
  • Level 12 - Clear the Asteroids: The player must clear a path for the ship through Saturn’s rings
  • Level 13 - The Plan: The player must make his way through the Saturnian palace and convince Angelica, leader of the Saturnians, to join the Alliance.


New Enemies

  • Saturnian Marine
  • Saturnian Elite
  • Heavy Mining Terra Scientists
  • Terra Rocket Marines
  • Saturnian Pit Boss
  • Saturnian Asteroid Demolition Machine
  • Lord Angelica
Capcom Expands 'Rocketmen'


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