GTA World Record Attempt Interview


Posted April 30, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Jim Patton, a producer at Bushleague.tv, is breaking the world's record for videogame playing right at this moment, live on the internet.  He's been playing Grand Theft Auto IV since yesterday at 5 PM.  Click the pic to see their live stream:

We caught up with Jim on hour 22 of his incredible odyssey.

G4: How many hours have you been playing and how close are you to completing?
Jim Patton: We’re on hour 22 and we’re at 25.27 complete.


Are you going right through, or are you doing side missions?
I’m stopping to do a few side missions,but mostly playing through. There’s been a few missions I’ve gotten hung up on and had to do a few times before I nailed them, but mostly I’m playing straight through.

You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?

If GTA causes crime, you're currently the most dangerous man in the world!
I’d like to think so.

What's the first real life crime you'll commit when you're finished?
I imagine the drive home will be pretty tumultuous. I’m going to be running over pedestrians, firing pistols out the window. It’s not going to be one crime, it’s going to be a beautiful mosaic of several crimes.

It would make headlines all over the world.
It’s what conservatives all over the world would love.

Are you going to join a gang?
I’m already in one gang, so I can’t betray my colors and join another. I’m entertaining the idea, though.

Have you been poopsocking?  Catboxing?
I’m not even familiar with the term.

The Urban Dictionary defines Poop-socking as " Defecating into a sock in order to avoid having to get up from your computer to use the toilet. Often utilized when playing online role playing games."
Wow! If someone told me about that prior to the event, I would have been doing it the whole time!

How do you go to the bathroom?
Guinness allows me a 10 minute break every hour, but if I don’t use them, they role over, so I have a nice stockpile of downtime built up.

Do you think people are doing the same thing in their mom's basement, but without all the fanfare?
There are probably people doing what I’m doing even more, but I brought paperwork into it, and that’s the important thing.

I’m not doing anything amazing; I just filled the paperwork out first. The whole thing is an act of patriotic revenge against the Frag Dolls. I have them to thank for fueling my rage.

What did the Frag Dolls ever do to you?
They got the record for Rainbow Six Vegas 2, but they were playing multi-player, and I did 24 hours on single player, and as any competent player knows, in multi-player there’s load times and waiting in lobbies, where in single player, you die and right back up… but I’ll let them have their record.

Our fans have been watching the live feed, some since the time we started.

Should they be in the record book?
They should be! They need to fill out the paperwork.

How many hookers have you killed or slept with?
One. Just very recently, too. My goal originally was to kill 150 hookers in the first hour.

Have you been playing multiplayer?
After I hit hour 25, I’ll hit multi-player. Once I pass the Frag Dolls, I’m going to hit the multi-player.

How many hours will you go?
I’ll keep playing as long as I’m physically able. I've got medical professionals on hand, though, and I don't want to keep them forever.

Wait, medical professionals? Really?
Guinness requires it. I’ve had my vital stats checked 4 times today. 

How are your vital signs?
I’m actually healthier. I’ve lost 35 pounds today.

You must be exhausted.
I feel great. There were some hours in the early morning that were pretty rough, but now I’m refreshed.

What's your review of the game, after 22 hours straight?
I think the game is fantastic. I give it a 9. There’s some control issues with the brakes. The music isn’t as good as past games, by a long shot. I give it a 9, but in the high 9s… like a 9.6. 

What do the letters "GTA" mean to you?
Getting Tired AsHell. “AsHell” is one word now.

This doesn't have anything to do with Grand Theft Auto, but can you talk about your neckbeard?
Neck beard? This is a legitimate beard, sir. I shave my neck.

Right on! Good luck, man!

GTA World Record Attempt Interview


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