Hollywood Wants No Part of 'GTA IV'


Posted April 28, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

The summer season at the box office is the time that movie studios make all of their money, and, this summer, they are primed to kick it off with a bang, as the hotly anticipated Iron Man will open this Friday. However, they are more than a little worried about the 300 million-pound gorilla called Grand Theft Auto IV, and it's expected $400 million in sales in the first week of its release.

See, Hollywood noted a 30% drop-off when Halo 3 was released in November, and they are worried that the same kind of drop would hurt not only Tony Stark and Marvel Studios, but all of the films that are coming out this summer. However, what they aren't taking into consideration is that the Halo 3 reaction came when Ben Stiller's abysmal The Heartbreak Kid was coming out, which is not, in any way, as anticipated as Iron Man, which is a movie that people actually want to see.

What they should be worrying about, perhaps, is that the American economy is so bad that people won't be able to afford to be able to do both things. Discretionary income is going to be at a premium this summer, what with gas prices creeping up on $4.00/gal and people losing jobs and homes all over the place.

In that case, both GTA IV and Iron Man better watch themselves...or it's going to be a bad summer for everyone.

Shacknews: Hollywood Fearful of GTA 4 vs. Iron Man

Hollywood Wants No Part of 'GTA IV'


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