G4's New Show Dares You To Not 'Hurl!'


Posted April 29, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Hurl!, G4's new show designed to make you laugh until you puke, will debut this summer, proving that it's never not funny to watch someone lose their lunch.

So what exactly is Hurl! you ask? Well, picture a large party in a parking lot after dark. Stay with me. Said party is focused around five contestants, attempting to prove their iron stomach prowess. These five  warriors must each eat large amounts of a specific staple American food like Chicken Pot Pie or Mac and Cheese or Chili Dogs in a short period of time. The contestants that ate the most food and didn't regurgitate will then move on to a physical challenge. And no, I'm not talking about climbing a rock wall. I'm talking about nausea-enducing feats of bravery like strapping into a gyroscope or sitting down for a particularly sadistic tea-cup ride. I think you're starting to get the idea.

After that round, anyone who hasn't lost their lunch will then be forced to eat MORE, different food--Ambrosia salad, pumpkin pie, etc,-- while still keeping it all in. Then, the final elimination round steps the physical challenge up a notch, tossing in a rogue element of danger. One can only imagine. Hurl!'s release date hasn't been announced yet, but TheFeed predicts that sometime this summer you will be laying down friendly bets over a few beers with your peer group while watching men of similar age and background spew on national television. You're welcome.

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G4's New Show Dares You To Not 'Hurl!'


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