Funny Or…Game?


Posted April 24, 2008 - By Frank Meyer

As part of its one-year anniversary effort to expand its “____ or Die” franchise, Funny or Die will add a videogame site to its roster over the next six weeks.

Glover kept mum on most details of the new video game site, but did spill a few tidbits. “The videogame site will not be a game-playing site,” said CEO Dick Glover. “If we became a game-playing site, that actually limits who we could partner with, who we could align with, and advertisers we could get. We want to do a very broad-based site. Whether you’re my age and playing Pac-Man is your idea of a video game, or you’re younger and at the highest levels of Halo 3, or you’re in a retirement home, we’re going to have something for you on this site.”

Glover says advertisers are paying premium CPMs to be associated with the professional content across the sites, and that Funny or Die may even go global in the near future.

“We’re looking at at least two international sites,” Glover confessed. “Action sports might be big in one region, [while in] another region comedy might be better.”

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Funny Or…Game?