Pachter: 'MS Shouldn't Try For 1st.'


Posted April 22, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

Videogame industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks Microsoft should be content with second or even thrid place in the console race.

"I personally think that, with a lot of respect for the Microsoft guys...I don't mean to diss them at all...I think they're foolish to even worry about who's first and who's second. I think that's just stupid," Pachter said during Future's OXM podcast.

"I don't understand why Microsoft has to be first. It is part of their DNA, but they really don't need to be first if they're profitable. To finish first and lose a few hundred million dollars a year is a bad idea. To finish third and make a few hundred million dollars a year is a good idea."

Dude, there is no second place, only first loser. Or at least that's what Coach used to say before the aneurysm took him to the land of the angels.

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Pachter: 'MS Shouldn't Try For 1st.'