Wii Games Don't HAVE To Look Bad


Posted April 18, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Developers High Voltage have recently unveiled their new game, The Conduit for the Wii. In the game you'll play as Agent Ford who is drafted into the seedy government conspiracy after an alien attack befalls Washington D.C. *Yawn*

But that's not the real story. What's big news here is that The Conduit looks amazing, way better than anything we've seen on the Wii by far. High Voltage is now poised to sell their technology, Quantum3,  to other companies who wish to push the Wii's hardware to the max. With this game and developer tools, High Voltage is attempting to make a Wii game look as good as an Xbox 360 game. While that may not be possible, you should really take a look at the video over at IGN.com to see for yourself. If their claims pay off, we could end up seeing some amazing looking titles for the little white box that Nintendo built.

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Wii Games Don't HAVE To Look Bad