The MMO Report: Friday, April 18th


Posted April 18, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Since we spent this week's episode schooling you on your roots, we decided to make sure you still had your weekly dose of MMO news. I mean come on, what would you do without us?

Realtime Worlds confirms their open-world MMO A.P.B. will be released in 2009. Why do I have a feeling no one will want to play as a cop?

Chunks Ahoy discovered a way to alter how food will effect you in World of Warcraft. I knew it was only a matter of time before the Tauren women resorted to bulimia.

Jumpgate: Evolution is trying to get your attention in the very first fifteen minutes of the game. Unless that means non-stop decapitations and running naked strippers, I'm not interested. 

World of Warcraft China announced they reached a milestone of one million players logged on at one time. As it turns out, one million Chinese CAN be wrong.

GameSpot partners with Funcom to allow their members to compete in a PvP weekend on the Age of Conan beta servers. You already missed the registration date, so go hit your little brother with a battle axe all day instead. 

Chronicles of Spellborn has been pushed back to a release window of Fall 2008. But they gave you some pretty screenshots to make up for it, so quit bitching.

Don't say we never gave you nothin'. Now go watch the D&D special again.

The MMO Report: Friday, April 18th


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