'StarGate Worlds' Devs Form FireSky


Posted April 17, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

StarGate Worlds, a sci-fi MMO based on the StarGate series, will be published by a brand new company called FireSky.

FireSky invented something they call the "SNAP system, "which they describe as " a unified theory of online gaming that combines social interaction, economies and game play across a variety of titles."

Okay... I guess we like that.

The FireSky team calls their next phase “Project: Ascension," and promises it will "bring gamers together in new and unprecedented ways.“

Okay... I guess that's good. But will it be fun?

"We don’t intend to be another garden-variety games publisher,” said FireSky CEO Tim Jenson. “We are focused on publishing high quality social gaming experiences online. As the industry moves online, more and more people will be turning to games as a way to spend time with friends. With a few notable exceptions, game developers and publishers haven’t done a great job of marrying quality games with social experiences. Project: Ascension and SNAP games will change that dynamic forever.”

FireSky promises a peak into a variety of games over the summer, though nothing all that new for now.

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'StarGate Worlds' Devs Form FireSky