Valve Details New 'TF2' Medic Guns


Posted April 16, 2008 - By bleahy

Valve is bringing 36 new achievements to Team Fortress 2 (PC only for the moment) for the Medic class. Along with these achievements comes 3 new unlockable weapons.

For unlocking 1/3 of the achievements, players will snag:

The Blutsaugher

This updated syringe gun cannot score critical hits, but will drain life from your enemies and give it to the Medic.

Hit the jump for the 2 other guns.

For 2/3 of the achievements, Medics will get:

The Critzcrieg

This updated healing gun makes the recipient of the Ubercharge get a 100% critical hit chance during its duration. They are no longer invulnerable, though.

For all 36 achievements, dedicated lifesavers get:

The Ubersaw

A new and improved bonesaw that actually charges the Medic's Uber-meter on successful attacks. Four attacks should completely fill the Uber-meter.

What do you think of these weapons and the way to unlock them? We're hoping these achievements are easy enough to get the first two weapons, but hard enough to make getting all three a challenge.

We are not, however, looking forward to 16-on-16 matches with 32 Medics running around.

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Valve Details New 'TF2' Medic Guns