Majesco's Angry Letter To Gamespot


Posted April 15, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

This post is an object lesson in how not to handle criticism.

Majesco, maker of casual games, including the uber-successful Cooking Mama series, recently received a not-too bad review from Gamespot.com. The game got a six out of ten, hardly a pan, from Alex Navarro.

Rather than think: "We should make more fantastic games in the future to avoid so-so reviews," a Majesco employee reportedly, instead fired off an email that is passive-aggressive enough to featured on passiveagressivenotes.com.

"I would like to thank you for your blunt honesty in telling people the game is 'not worth their while,' and they could 'safely leave this game alone.' " The email reads partially.

We understand human nature means when someone harshes something you really worked hard on or really care about, you might reacted by thinking "I'll tell him!" But it never, ever works. Here's why: if you produce anything that you expect other people to play, read, watch or participate in, you can't get mad when people have the "wrong" reaction to it. You put it out there, inviting people to have opinions, and inevitably, some people are going to not be into what you do. Best thing to do it move on and let it go. Also, when you send dramatic emails, remember, it could be posted somewhere, and even more people will be aware of the "meh" review your games receive.

The more you know.

Passive Aggressive Notes: The fruitcake’s in the mail
(via joystiq)

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Majesco's Angry Letter To Gamespot


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