Government Wants Computer "Manhattan Project"


Posted April 9, 2008 - By bleahy

Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, is calling for the best and brightest to come together and research a cyber-security "Manhattan Project".

That's right... a defensive initiative to protect against cyber-terrorism is the same as the project that created nuclear bombs to Chertoff. Good job, government.

Chertoff said, "We need a game-changer with how we deal with attacks. In January, the president signed a homeland security directive, for a national cybersecurity initiative, almost like a Manhattan Project."

For all we know they are developing something sinister... like Metal Gear!

Sounds a lot like the plot to Metal Gear Solid 2, no?

Chertoff goes on to say:

"We face a very serious challenge and it's only likely to grow more serious as time passes. We're operating in a domain in which traditional military power or the power of the government is insufficient to address the full nature of the threat. A command and control response will simply not be adequate. We need a network response to deal with a network attack."

The threat is definitely there, but please come up with a different name for the project.

CNet: Homeland Security secretary proposes 'Manhattan Project'

Government Wants Computer "Manhattan Project"


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