'Kane & Lynch' Ads Banned


Posted April 9, 2008 - By TylerColfax

The Man is out in full force once again to keep our fragile minds from the terrors of video games. The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a few Kane & Lynch ads that it deemed 'graphic' and 'likely to be seen as glorifying violence.'

One ad that ran in a double-page spread depicts a scene where a woman is gagged and her head is held up by her hair.

Another banned ad is a poster that holds the following quote from Xbox 360 Magazine: 'Grittier and nastier in tone than anything you've seen before, the violence here is visceral, brutal and very, very real'. The ASA said this quote glorifies violence. This quote appears to only speak to the violence in the game, not to the merit of violence in the game or in real life. The lady ad was banned for being too graphic.

Let's ask ourselves one question. If it was a movie that these ads were promoting, would things be different? If this were an historical movie like Saving Private Ryan or Schindler's List, would it be different? OK, that was two questions, but anyway it seems like we're entering double standard country.

mcvuk.com: 'Shocking' Eidos Ad Banned

'Kane & Lynch' Ads Banned


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