Epic Fail Thursday: 2008 April Fool's Gags


Posted April 3, 2008 - By TylerColfax

April Fool's Day is a day to pull pranks. It's a day to get clever and make people think something that just isn't true. It's a day Type B personalities love and Type Aers just can't stand. Many of the gags that happened earlier this week on April 1 were quite amusing. They didn't go too far, they were well-thought out and executed comments on society, or they were just plain harmless leg-pulling. Some of them, however were uninspired, ill-advised, or down right stupid. Here, we present, TheFeed's list of those that disappointed us in a most epic way.

"Kaketaku" - For April Fools, Kotaku did a series of articles about cake under the fake name “Kaketaku”. Now, we love Kotaku, but really? Yes, Portal was great and we all had a laugh at the cake joke, but it’s been done to death already. This joke falls on the side of obvious fake-ness and made many of us roll our eyes. There was no added level of “is it true?” to this one. One article might have worked, but 10 articles about the same joke gets old.
- Brian Leahy

Dungeons and Dragons Does Away With Dice - The big joke for D&D this year involved releasing documents from the upcoming 4th Edition that seemingly does away with dice in place of a series of rock, paper, scissors contests. I'm sure some of the more novice elements of the D&D-verse had a hearty laugh over Wizards of Coast's April jest; however, I for one could not bring myself to even crack a smile at what would surely be the death knell for the greatest adventure mankind has ever embarked on. Not funny, Wizards! Your humor has cost your Charisma -2.
-Jonathan Hunt

TSA Fury - On a personal note, I had to fly on April 1st and the departure was very early in the morning. I'm waiting in line to get my boarding pass and driver's license checked by the TSA at 5 am. I get to the guy. He looks at my id, looks at me, looks at the boarding pass and says, "You know this is for tomorrow right?" I immediately panicked. Then I caught myself right as he was saying, "Awww I gotcha, April Fool's." At which I wanted to reply, "Listen, Ashton! There's no joking at the security checkpoints. This is very serious busin -- 9/11 changed everything. Don't you know that? Did you forget 9/11? Did your colors run? 9/11… changed… everything! FAIL!"
I wanted to say that, but I also didn't want get my inner areas searched by a glorified security guard with a GED and a fancy costume.
- Ty Colfax

Clinton's Not Funny - Rule number one: never EVER let a career politician try to tell a joke. This is seriously painful to watch. I can't tell if she was trying to go for a somber, serious tone as to add to the joke and failed miserably or if she didn't understand that what she was reading was meant to be funny. She doesn't stop with the bowling joke, she goes even FURTHER attempting to poke fun at herself and the phrases her campaign has used, and she can't even get that right. This clip should get constant rotation on the news networks, that way we'll know that a vote for Hilary is a vote for that specific kind of cringe-worthy ear pain for at least the next 4 years. [video below]
- Patrick Roche-Sowa

Foo Fighters Down Under - The Rock, a radio station in Auckland, New Zealand, didn’t even get to do their April Fool’s joke before it failed. They advertised a special, secret Foo Fighters show in a public square at 8:30AM on the 1st, where they were planning on playing a tape (I guess they don’t have CD’s in New Zealand) of the band. So many people showed up that it disrupted the public activity in the area, and the station had to announce their joke and apologize on air. Now, that’s a fail, even on the other side of the world.
- Mike D'Alonzo

Epic Fail Thursday: 2008 April Fool's Gags


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