'Battlefield: Bad Company' Boycott


Posted March 27, 2008 - By bleahy

Battlefield: Bad Company is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360, but carries with it a somewhat troubling DLC plan. EA and DICE are making certain weapons available for purchase.

Five weapons will be available free through pre-launch promotions (and after the game releases), but another five will only be available through the "Gold Version" or paid DLC.

SarcasticGamer is calling for a boycott of the game and is trying to start a campaign to put a stop to DLC like this.

DLC is great when it's true bonus content like additional multiplayer levels, extra story arcs and locations, or new characters. When we're talking about weapons that even EA admits "do not create an advantage/disadvantage for players who do not opt to buy new items" we run into an ideological problem.

EA wants you to buy these weapons to customize your character to your playstyle, but then admits that your money doesn't buy you an advantage. We agree with that aspect, but then question why we're paying for these weapons.

Would you pay for new weapons in a multiplayer game?

SarcasticGamer: BF:BC’s DLC is just plain BS. Boycott this game.

'Battlefield: Bad Company' Boycott


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