'Bioshock' MMO Contemplated


Posted March 27, 2008 - By Stephen Johnson

They've already sold the rights to make a mobile game out of Bioshock, and today it was revealed that EA may be planning a Bioshock MMO as well.

A Take-Two Interactive discussion of the potential buyout from EA revealed a slide that lists both the Civilization series and Bioshock as MMOs the company is considering. Bioshock is also listed as potential for a movie.

While both Civilization and Bioshock might make money as MMOs, we can't help but feel fear at the prospect of such a game. The reason Bioshock works as a game and a piece of art is the slavish attention to period detail and the total immersiveness of it; gamers would immediately muck it up with their endless OOC chatter about game mechanics and who's a noob and who isn't. But, even worse than the "hardcore" would be the role-players. Although they'd mean well in the game, most people aren't up to participating in compelling fictions and crap it up at ever turn.

But maybe you disagree... anyone out there think a Bioshock MMO is a great idea?

MTV: Take-Two: ‘BioShock’ MMO And Movie Are ‘Potential Opportunities’

'Bioshock' MMO Contemplated


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