Interview: 'Doomsday' Director Neil Marshall

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Posted March 13, 2008 - By PryzeFighter

Prolific writer/director/editor Neil Marshall has burst through the Hollywood gates with his crafty and adrenalized style of filmmaking, making Werewolves scary again with Dog Soliders and caves even scarier with his breakout hit, The Decent. Now, Marshall unleashes a new (and old) vision of the Apocalypse with his Sci-fi/Horror/Action/Adventure "mash-up", Doomsday, released by Rogue Pictures in theaters nationwide this Friday.

An homage to the 80's films that inspired him like The Road Warrior, Escape From New York and hell, even a dash of Excalibur, Doomsday brings us everything we want in an old-fashioned cinematic ass-kicker; Thrills, chills, blood, bombastic explosions, post-punk stylings, hot chicks who hold their own and of course...cannibalism! Do you REALLY want to see Horton Hears A Who when this powder keg of a flick is being unleashed? Come on people!

Marshall sat down with E.C.U. for an in-depth chat on his inspirations for Doomsday, the advantages of being a director and what it was like on the set, orchestrating the end of the world.

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Interview: 'Doomsday' Director Neil Marshall