Leno to Stay on 'Tonight Show'?


Posted February 28, 2008 - By jrmylmb

NBC is quietly positioning itself to keep Jay Leno on the air beyond his contracted step down as the Tonight Show host in late 2009. They haven't said for sure if he'll stay as the Tonight Show host or if it will be in some other capacity, maybe even prime time. Well, it's hard to imagine they'd give up an hour every night in prime time and keeping him in the Tonight Show host spot would mean they would have to pay a breech of contract penalty to Conan O'Brien of a reported $40 million.

Jay has also been courted by FOX and ABC although its unclear in what capacity he would work for them. One things for sure, Conan is the voice of a younger, now growing older, more moneyriffic generation and if NBC wants to stay on top of late night, they need to be smart about the transition.

news.yahoo.com: Jay Leno quietly courted for next gig: report

Quick informal Feed poll: Who is your favorite late night host; Leno, Letterman, O'Brien, Kimmel, Ferguson, or {shutter} Daly?

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Leno to Stay on 'Tonight Show'?


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