Charge Gaming Costs To Your Cell Phone

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Posted February 11, 2008 - By Patrick Roche-Sowa

Thanks to Mobilians International, you will soon be able to have your in-game purchases and subscription fees for any NHN USA game billed to your cell phone. The two companies, in conjunction with PaymentOne Corporation, are setting up a payment process where no credit card will be needed and all charges will show up on your next cell phone bill.

Mobilians hopes this service will be used by the younger demographic of online gamers, allowing them to get the full experience of the game without their own credit card. This might also put a few parents at ease, allowing them to track their children's spending without giving them a credit card number, which we all know usually leads to some outlandish purchases.

Will this payment method take off and span across other online games? Hard to say, but multiple payment options never hurt when your demographic can range in age and income level. Only time will tell. If anyone tries this out, please let us know.

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Charge Gaming Costs To Your Cell Phone