Would-Be Gunman Quotes 'Star Wars'


Posted February 7, 2008 - By mbretz

A Tempe, AZ man who had planned a shooting spree at last weekend’s Super Bowl in Glendale, AZ is in custody under suspicion of mailing threatening communications following the alleged dispersal of his 8-page manifesto to media outlets.

Kurt Havelock, upset at having been denied a liquor license for his bar, “Drunkenstein’s” (we can see where that might pose a problem), revealed in his manifesto that he targeted the Super Bowl in order to “shed the blood of the innocent.” That’s after he decided that his original target, the Desert Ridge Marketplace, was unsuitable because it’s too near Scottsdale, which Havelock described as being full of “scum and villainy.”

Star Wars fans will certainly recognize that last bit as part of Ben Kenobi’s description of the Tatooine city of Mos Eisley in George Lucas' original space opera.

TheFeed is happy that psychotic shooter-types appear to be weaning themselves off their dependence on Salinger and Thoreau allusions when authoring their manifestos and branching out into genre films.

We’re also glad to know where to look next time we need a lift out of the Phoenix area and need to avoid any “imperial entanglements.”  

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Would-Be Gunman Quotes 'Star Wars'