Nintendo's Stocks Fall Per Share


Posted January 28, 2008 - By Mike D'Alonzo

Nintendo's stock price is falling, which isn't necessarily good for the company, but it's not bad, either. See, the reason the stocks are falling has nothing to do with the success of Nintendo, or the money they've earned this year, both of which are stellar. Nope, the reason that the stock is falling has everything to do with the fact that the dollar is weakening versus the yen, so the power of the dollar in buying stock isn't what it once was.

So, Nintendo fans and stock investors take solace in the fact that the company is doing just fine, it's just your economy that's in a state of near-collapse. Still, if they could make some more Wiis, that would be nice, since it seems that people still really want to buy them.

Reuters: Nintendo shares tumble despite stellar earnings

Nintendo's Stocks Fall Per Share


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